Welcome to the VapAria Corporation website, where you will learn about our ground breaking technologies and formulations for e-cigarettes and other consumer products.  Imagine the e-cigarette and personal vaporizer of the future: without lithium power—instead we provide safer, more environmentally friendly alkaline power; without open cartridges of active ingredients—instead, we provide sealed ingredients and formulas that can’t be adulterated, diluted, oxidized or re-filled; with the sophistication we expect regulators and consumers to demand—measured, metered and monitored dosages of active ingredients; and with a design that will allow cost-effective, automated, U.S. manufacturing. 

We focus on the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of novel, in-demand, proprietary products designed to deliver fast-acting, convenient solutions for contemporary lives and lifestyles.  The basis of our product development is proprietary, patented and patent-pending technologies and formulas focused on three specific markets: 

1)  The smoke-free tobacco alternative market (e-cigarettes). VapAria Corporation currently contemplates filing with the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research to become the first e-cigarette company to secure fast-track status and then seek FDA approval as a smoking cessation product.

2)  The over-the-counter (OTC) consumer market with products intended to increase energy and alertness, suppress appetite and aid in
restful sleep; and,

3)  The pharmaceutical market - partnering with international pharmaceutical companies that seek to utilize our technologies to maximize and extend the value and the lives of their proprietary, patented product portfolios.